Windows 7 External Hard Drive Problems


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I have a maxtor basics usb desktop 500 gig external hard drive and it doesn't seem to work. I plugged it in and windows said it was installing updates, that finished and said this was complete. I then went onto computer management and I can see it under device manager, and when I go into disk management it's in 5 93 gig parts and it says it's healthy. Problem is this is all that is happening when I right click the only options available are delete volume and help, the others I can not click on :confused:

What am I meant to do, and is it possible to have it on the desktop? Help would be greatly appreciated.
i dont know if this will work, havn't tried it myself, but you could try going into device manager and uninstalling it (under Disk Drives) and start over and see if it detects it properly.
Thankyou greatly or the reply, but I've done this 3 times already, sorry for not mentioning this in the original post :(
Does it say installing updates' or installing software?

Does it have it';s own power supply?

Have you tried other ports?