External HDD don't show any document files

I made the HDD from my dead PC external. It does not show any of my Windows related documents or desktop folders. Is there anyway I can find and retreive them?

I not sure this will work for me. I can't find anything about it working with Win7.

I am running Win7 64bit on this PC andthe external HDD I want files from is, originally Vista 64bit, upgraded to win7.

I guess I won't be able to retreive the files I am looking for. I don't know what the colored dots mean but I'm guessing, green is good, red not so good. I have a lot of red dots. It gives mostly numbers, no file names and it only pulled up two documents, one that was overwritten and one that I have no idea what it could be.

So I'll keep my fingers crossed that when I put the HDD back in the old PC, with the replacement MB, everything will work.

Thanks for your input. I'll keep this recovery thing handy---you never know.


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Please post again if you need further help :)

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