External HDD, lost status bar in my computers, how to get it back?

if you go to "my computer" you will see your hdd status has a blue bar that displays what data is used up and how much free data you have left.

anyway i renamed by external hdd and the blue display bar is gone. i still can right click on on my external and at the bottom it shows up the status, but the blur bar is gone.

i had another external and it happen, i jsut formatted and the blue status bar was there again.

is there anyway to get the blue status bar without formatting my external hdd?

thanks in advance

I dont have an external drive, but should realy invest in one. I never heard of your problem before with external or internal drives. Just to rule out some basic stuff, have your checked your machine for any malware, virus's, trojans and the like. Checked for any file and registry corruptions and cleaned out all temp files that could be causing your issue. Where the two external drives of the same make? If so, could check out external HDD manufacturer website for any known issues of that type. You could hook up problemmatic hard drive on a friends computer and see if it duplicates the problem on that PC. If it does, chances are the problem is with the HDD itself.

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