External HDD: Move/Copy/Delete/Etc: Error 0x8007045D I/O device error

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Hi there,
I did a search on google and through these forums search function but all I can seem to find are topics about vista and backing up problems, and a few things about install problems. I did find a link to a microsoft hotfix for my problem, but it was only for specifically 4GB+ of Ram and an nVidia USB EHCI. Sadly I do not meet these specs.

The problem started with copying a bunch of files over from one external HDD to another (friend's to mine). It froze about half way through and locked up my whole computer. This had happened once (I think, maybe twice?) befor when copying files from my C drive over to my external, and turning my PC off/on again sorted it out.
Since then my external is experiancing a host of problems. It doesn't shut off if you unplug it from the computer or turn the computer off, it's always whirring. It's greyed out if you go to safely remove hardware. Opening a media file in anything gives an error (eg. VLC gives this error):
File reading failed: VLC could not open the file "E:\Insert File Here".
Your input can't be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL 'E:\Insert File Here'. Check the log for details.

Upon trying to copy anything to or from the HDD and trying to move/delete any files, it gives me the old error in the topic title: 0x8007045D I/O device error.

I expect one solution is to completely re-format my external HDD, but I can't stress how much I REALLY don't want to do that without being able to get most of the files off it.

Here's the specs of my PC and external:
Dell Studio 1558 Notebook
Intel Core i3 (2.13ghz)
3GB Ram, 64 bit Windows 7
USB: Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset family EHC

External: 1 TB (Well, 931 GB......) NTFS Seagate Expansion External Drive

If you need any more specs, let me know. I'd really like to be able to at least move/copy/delete stuff from my HDD (So I could back it up somewhere else and reformat if needed). I really can't afford to lose the files on it (Mainly old documents backed up from old PC, and lots of media files...)
Any help at all would be great!


You could try updating the firmware for one or both external HDDs.

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