Windows 7 External HDD


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Nov 16, 2008
Anyone has an idea, why it can't recognise my external hdd (WD2500JB)? I plug it in, I hear the sound, and then nothing. It's trying to install a driver, but it fails. Then it will show in the device manager, as "USB Mass Storage Device" In the safely remove wizard it's an unrecognised USB device.

I have a Gericom Supersonic PCI-E first edition laptop.
Mobile Intel® 915GM Chipset
1,73 GHZ CPU
Geforce Go 6600
1GB ram

I have a dual-boot system, and everything works fine in Vista, so my HDD and my USB slots ar fine. Pendrives, mp3 players also doesn't work. Any idea?
Reinstall your chipset drivers.
I had the same problem on initial install on my laptop, it tried to use the wrong driver for USB.
I tried, but if I start the intel chipset driver, it says: "Not supported OS". If I put it in Vista compatibility mode, it starts, extract the files, then it says, it's finished. But after that nothing changes. It doesn't update any driver. I tried to do it manually, but Windows 7 also can't install the drivers...
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