external lite-on lh20a1p

not sure if this the right forum, but i will ask. I have a laptop running windows 7, the CD/DVD writer is quite slow so I pulled my writer from my old desktop and purchased a USB enclosure for it. When I plugged this in Windows 7 recognised it and installed drivers:). I thought all was good until I tried to burn a CD, I have tried both WMP and nero, both recognise the drive, both recognise there is a cd, WMP goes through the motions (pending the tracks) then says writing on track 1 then jumps to complete on all tracks, having not burned anything, ejects the CD and states "Windows Media Player cannot burn the files. If the burner is busy, wait for the current task to finish. If necessary, verify that the burner is connected properly and that you have installed the latest device driver." I have checked that I have the latest drivers and I am quite sure I can plug a USB is correctly. Any ideas?


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Question: What OS was the old desktop running.
You'll have to go to the original PC manufactures website and download driver from there, since you pulled it from your old desktop. If different OS, could be some compatibility issue.

i was running xp pro, however the dvd writer is an aftermarket one which is Vista and Windows 7 compatable.

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