External screen does not show video


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I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop running WinXP. I have an external 24" LCD screen connected to the laptop via a VGA cable. I can enable both screens. Whatever is on my laptop screen appears on the 24" LCD screen. I can view videos files on the laptop screen. Here's the problem: the video does not appears on the external LCD screen. The video window appears all black on the external screen. (See the attached screen capture).

I tried 2 video players. The results were the same. The one I'm now running is VLC media player. I played with the options and it worked for a while. But when I opened another video file, it stopped working again. Just can't get it working again - even after reboot.

Any help will be appreciated.

There should be a setting for your video card to mirror video to external monitor.

You can also ty Windows Media Professional Exhibitor.

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