Extra "Z" drive to Temp Folder during RDP Connection

New to the forums but I have no clue what is going on here... I am using Win 7 Pro x32. When I use RDP to connect to another computer, I noticed that on the remote computer (sometimes) as well as on my local machine (always), it creates a "Z:" drive. It isn't like a mapped network drive though, it shows under Hard Disk Drives. The free space is the same as the C: drive. When you open it, it is the %TEMP% folder on my machine. Going to the run command and typing %TEMP% will show you the same contents as the Z: drive. When I close the RD Connection, the Z drive goes away. I have no clue what is causing this and I did a little searching and couldn't find anything that resembled anything close to this online. Anyone have any ideas...?


I just noticed that on an XP machine, it is doing the same thing when logging in to the server 08 R2 TS using RD.

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