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How do I install Outlook Express from the original W7 installation disk? Thanks........


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Windows Mail and/or Outlook Express are not included in Windows 7. You'll need to install a new program. You can download Windows Live Mail , which is Microsoft's latest Email program, for free. Otherwise, I have read that Thunderbird is a good replacement.
If you want the bother, I believe, if you google, you will find some hacks to run Windows Mail in 7.


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Strangely, when I had XP, it was almost a daily fight trying to stop Outlook taking over my e-mails! :D

With at least the more advanced versions of Windows 7, Window Mail is there, albeit, possibly hidden, at least the WinMail.exe file is hidden.

I've activated Windows Mail on every install of Windows 7 that I've been involved in.

It demands that you UN-Hide all Hidden Files and then Take Ownership of the Windows Mail folder.
Then replace the msoe.dll file with the one from Windows Vista.

A package with all the files needed are available here: (with instructions in a readme file)
WinMail4-Win-7.rar - File Shared from Box.net - Free Online File Storage

Then Windows Mail will run and is just as easy to set up as Outlook Express 6.

Cheers Mates!
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PS: On one PC, Windows Mail would not run, no matter what magic I tried.
So I installed Mozilla Thunderbird. It's a good replacement for Outlook Express 6.
Easy to set up and easy to use and Very Stable.

It's only 13.4 megs in size and I just downloaded the latest version is about 20 sec's.

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As long as you have a Vista machine, you can copy the contents of the C:\program Files\Windows Mail directory from the Vista machine and replace the files in the C:\Program Files\Windows Mail directory in Windows 7.

You'll need a program called IObit Unlocker to delete the files on the Windows 7 machine.

Otherwise I'd recommend the open source Thunderbird e-mail client

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