Extremely Slow Boot-Up, hangs on black for 2-3 minutes after logo screen, then starts

I have an Asus G-series laptop. I don't think the laptop specs are relevant to my problem at all. For the first couple months of having it (refurbished model) everything worked fine. Then one night I closed it and went to bed. The next morning I couldn't get it to start up. It would go through the logo screen, then black screen(can see mouse, and mouse works, but never booted). After a few failed attempts, I completely wiped it and reformatted it thinking even though I have anti-virus it might be an issue on the computer. Ever since then it has not been able to come out of hibernate. I usually keep it on at all times, so haven't really had to boot it since then. Earlier today it crashed, and I turned it off. When I tried to boot it back up, it went through logo screen, then black screened (can see mouse, and mouse works). I tried safe mode, and it still did black screen. After a few attempts, I left it on black screen to do research on other laptop, and after 2-3 minutes it finally booted. Everything works fine other than boot up and coming out of hibernate. Any thoughts?


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run a checkdisk with fix options ticked, could be the hard drive has a few file problems which it may be able to fix. Sometime wireless devices can slow the boot as it detects a network, also seen this happen with a handful of ethernet cards too where they had auto wire detection enabled in bios.

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