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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Tiger, Oct 24, 2009.

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    Oct 24, 2009
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    I'm getting really slow file transfer speeds in the 64bit version of Windows 7. I had similar speeds during the Beta and after reading a lot of people with similar unresolved issues, I assumed it was a bug that would be fixed by release. Unfortunately I am now getting the same speeds in the retail version. I've searched around everywhere and there are a few threads on this forum about it but no one seems to know a solution yet. :(

    Basically if I try and copy any file anywhere, it starts off at about 15 MB/s and then quickly slows down to about 1 MB/s and less. I've run Windows 7 Update, I've checked my HD to make sure caching is on, I disabled 'Remote Differential Compression', and have tried using different motherboard/chipset drivers etc. Does anyone else have any other ideas? Looks like I'll have to switch back to XP at this stage, as these speeds are ridiculously slow and make using the OS to move files impossible.
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    I have a ton of tweaks in my blogs here... but I haven't had to deal with your problem.

    If you stop all programs from running at bootup with Autoruns

    and you disable all the Scheduled Tasks

    and if you don't use a wireless system and turn off wlan autoconfig

    and verify your drivers are working for your network card

    and look for errors in the Administrattive log under custom in the Event Viewer

    and STILL have the problem... after rebooting your system and your router and your modem ... then you may have to get another computer or go back to another os.

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