Facebook "Like" Pages - Gone Too Far?


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Let me start by saying I've always hated Become a Fan Pages on Facebook. There's no way to hide them from your news feed like there is for applications, you can only hide that friend.
When they were first switched over to "like" pages I thought great, no difference right?
But now it's just plain stupid
"_______ ________ "likes" you."
Or perhaps "fighting" "getting high"
Absolutely annoying.
If that wasn't bad enough, now they have "like" pages for external websites! Two paragraphs about a fact from omgfacts.com - Guess what!? I don't care.
I wouldn't even be sitting here writing this thread if it wasn't for today's new annoyance - A "like" page that counts to 20 000 on flipping news feed. It takes up my entire news feed and is 25 pages to print.
I should just use Twitter.



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I think it is good that we have it here, the Like button and Facebook integration, for people who might desire to use it. But it would be a welcomed change to give the option to members to turn off all of the Like buttons, including Helpful Ratings. It would just take a very long time to program which could go into answering questions or doing other upgrades.

I think Facebook is good for keeping in touch with close friends and family, but using it for marketing can start to become intrusive for people. I find it very convenient to log in with my Facebook account here, and I think its neat how you can pull people's pictures from Facebook using your phone now, but I wouldn't like everyone on the Internet to know everything about me.


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There are plenty of safe and valid ways for people to keep in touch via the internet and I feel that Facebook is increasingly demonstrating my long expressed concerns that many of its features and the way in which they are implemented are at least as much a threat as a help to relationships and privacy.


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I think having the Facebook integration here is great too :D
But it's just some of the places it's integrated.
Facebook poses privacy concerns in my mind as well.