Windows 7 faceboook application freezes the entire computer


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I am trying to solve an issue with my computer. Whenever I play a facebook game, something strange happens. The entire windows freezes, I cannot switch to any other program, I cannot start the task manager. From time to time I can hear a very short beep from the motherboard speaker and that's when (it seemed to me that) the freezing stops and I can get my computer to react to whatever I do. The problem is that, if I try to return to my facebook application, a mere click freezes the entire windows again. And that's the only opportunity I have to exit my browser so that my computer doesn't freeze again (even though sometimes the effect lasts a little longer and I have to wait a while to get it going again, despite having exited the browser). This happens in Firefox (19.0), but a similar behaviour occured with chrome (something regarding the plugin crashing) and with internet explorer. All browsers are up to date.

I have tried reinstalling adobe flash, I've cleaned up my computer with ashampoo winoptimizer, I've also searched my computer with a malware software, all to no avail.

I should also say that it doesn't happen all the time, but more often than not it does happen. Do you have any suggestions? What options do I have?

Thank you for replying to my post. I really couldn't have done it without you. It's all great now. Thanks a lot :)