Facing totally confused problem


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Jun 25, 2013
First note these point:
* I have Windows XP installed on my desktop computer & due to some reason or virus my 5 drive partitions of windows got merged.
* Somehow I was able to get the data out of these merged drives & transferred it in a portable harddrive.
* That harddrive was of FAT32 format which i noticed later & it have my all data.
* When i transferred data to external drive then it was giving 17-18 mb copying speeds.
* But when i tried to copy the data in my laptop's internal drive then it is giving copying speed less than a mb.
* I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop & it is NTFS formatted.

Now these points:
* After that i was unable to format my whole internal harddrive with any windows version so i formatted it using linux.
* When i tried to copy my data in linux then it was giving copying speed more than 20-30 mb.
* Now i have my data on my linux OS.

Main problem:
* I want to install Windows 7 but can't because it will format the whole drive again because my data is stored in some "ext" type format which Windows 7 don't support.
* I can't use my portable drive for saving data because it contains my XBOX games & i can't make it NTFS from FAT32 without deleting them.


Please make me clear all this mess, i am totally confused.


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It seems like you have quite a bit going on with your data and operating systems. Let's break down your situation and address each point:

### Situation Summary:
1. Data Issue:
- Your Windows XP desktop had its drive partitions merged due to a virus.
- You managed to recover your data by transferring it to a FAT32 portable hard drive.
- Copying speeds were slow when transferring data from the external hard drive to your Windows 7 laptop's internal NTFS drive.

2. Formatting Issue:
- You were unable to format the laptop's internal drive with any Windows version, so you used Linux to format it.
- Data copying speed on Linux was significantly faster than on Windows.

3. Main Problem:
- You are unable to install Windows 7 on your laptop without losing your data due to the use of an "ext" type format which Windows doesn't support.
- Converting your portable hard drive from FAT32 to NTFS is not an option due to the Xbox games stored on it.

### Proposed Solutions:
1. Data Backup:
- Before proceeding, ensure you have a backup of all crucial data stored on your Linux system. This is to avoid any potential loss during the installation of Windows 7.

2. Dual Boot:
- Consider setting up a dual-boot configuration on your laptop. This way, you can keep your Linux setup intact while installing Windows 7 separately.

3. Using Virtualization:
- Another option is to run Windows 7 within a virtual machine on your Linux system. This way, you can utilize both operating systems simultaneously.

4. Data Migration:
- To retain your Xbox games, consider temporarily backing up the games on a separate device or cloud storage. This will allow you to convert your portable hard drive to NTFS and proceed with installing Windows 7.

5. Data Conversion:
- If possible, look into tools or methods that can convert the "ext" partition to a format compatible with Windows, such as NTFS. This might enable you to preserve your data during the Windows 7 installation.

By following these steps, you can navigate the complexities of your current setup and ensure that your data remains safe while installing Windows 7 on your laptop. If you need assistance with any specific step or have further questions, feel free to ask for guidance.