Windows 7 Fail to install ACPI driver


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I was trying to install the utility SIX Engine supplied with my mobo Asus P5Q, as done in the other partition with Vista installed, but I get the message "Fail to install the ACPI driver" .
Where can I find those drivers for W7 ?
try Link Removed due to 404 Error and check your BIOS version and possibly try the chipset drivers package, I dont think they have updated for win 7 so try vista 64 or 32 bit depending on what version of Win7 beta your using :)

also try a google search about some issues with older version of ACPI drivers on this mobo ;)
seme here acpi error so at the moment no six engine or ai suite :( doeme, just have to wait i thing for the right drivers from asus
Fail to install ACPI driver - solved

Have you tried to run the setup in Vista compatibility mode?
I got the same error message, though from Asus PC Probe II, and solved it by running the setup in Vista compatibility mode Right click on Setup -> Properties -> Compatibility -> Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows Vista, and run the setup again.
You are right.
Just tried few days ago with Seven RC in compatibility mode and I was able to install 6engine which is wotking pretty well.
i was forgotten about this topic, win7 update installed the needed acpi driver so its possible now to install aisuite and sixengine but it seems not to work like it should on my p5q , in auto max savings mode it does not shut down fans like in manual mode or auto turbo mode will not reach max fsb?