failed in the initialization of phase 2 for Program Compatibility assistant

Hi All.

I will contribute for the first time.

The setting and the program Compatibility assistant who invalidated
the program Compatibility assistant were deleted now.

Then, the error of having failed in the initialization of phase 2 was output to the event log.

It is not found even if searching for a solution and I want to get help of everybody.

When understanding the reason why the method of settlement and the error come out comes,
I would like you to teach.

I am sorry a little information.

my best regards.

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Hi All.

Because the content of the contribution had mixed with other work, it corrects it.

The executed work is as follows.
1.It is confirmed that program Compatibility assistant is a halt condition from the setting of service.
2.program Compatibility assistant is invalidly changed.
3.OS is reactivated.
4.Office and the anti-virus software are introduced.
5.It is an error output of the failure in the event log to the initialization of phase 2.

Whether cause to the output of the error because it is a setting for which the installed product uses program Compatibility assistant?

OS information
Windows 7 professional 32bit sp1

my best regards.


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I am sorry, but it is hard to understand your situation.

Are you saying the Program Compatibility Service has stopped, (see attachment)?

Are you trying to run a particular program when the error occurs?

If there is an error in Event Viewer, what was it. It might help to attach one using the paperclip.


Thank you for the contribution.

I am sorry for reply slowing.

I will assume this case close because I put it in order by the thing of uncertain error
that goes out when initial is constructed why.

My best regards.

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