Failed installation resulting in rollback.


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So recently I've tried intalling Windows 7 Ultimate x86 on a new freshly made partition just for it. The installation firstly goes smooth, but when it reaches "Finishing the installation" part, it all goes wrong. First of all the screen wents black for couple seconds, then it goes back again, but the screen is all screwed up... weird lines all over the place, the background is black, all-in-all it's a complete massacre on the screen (In fact, the screen looks exactly like it would if there were incorrect video codecs installed). After that it crashes, and the Blue Screen with the whole crash statistics pops up, and it creates a dump file (or atleast that's what I think it does...), too bad it restarts immediately after, so I can't make out what's the error code. Then after it's done, the windows restart, and when the installer loads up again, it says that "Installation was not completed successfully, all the changes are being undone" or something among those lines, and then it rollbacks.

Perhaps the screen goes nuts because the video drivers aren't supported by Windows 7? They are a bit old... Couple years old I believe (it is because Asus did not release the newer ones, I check oftenly in high hopes...(yes I know that I should just get the ones from ATI, but those don't really work with this video card.. after the installation and reboot the screen goes mad (in exactly the same way as I mentioned it does after the vista installation) and I still have to use "Last good known configuration thru the F8 during boot-up). But would all that cause a rollback? I mean, I could go into a safe mode, and somehow acquire codecs that do work with 7.

The error log is completely empty, while setupact.log is full of errors (problem is, I don't know if they're crucial since it only says that it's either "info" or a "warning" line). I'm attaching all of the logs that I think have a meaning, and, supposedly the dump file that was generated during that blue screen.

Some system specs :
OS: Windows XP Home Edition x86 SP3
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz O/Cd @ 2.76GHz
Motherboard: 1Bit IS7-E
Memory: 1.5GB DDR2
Graphics Card: Asus Ati x1650 series
Hard Drives: Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 120Gbytes


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Need more infor on exactly how you are installing. Are you doing a custom install (booting to the DVD), which is required or something else?

Since it appears you are doing a form of dual boot install, do you get any boot options during the install?

I will look at your logs a little later. The setuperr.log might be useful if you did not include it in the attachment.


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I am doing a custom installation on a new partition, since I wanna have both, XP and win7 (guess that's what you call dualbooting eh?). Installing from HDD, because I don't have a dvd drive or an USB stick with 4GB of memory :/

And strangely enough.. the setuperr.log file is completely empty! And no I don't get any dual boot options during the installation.. am I supposed to?
Thanks for looking into it :p


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The files with the actual information are in the \Panther directory, or a hidden directory in the Panther folder that starts with $.

I will check your attachment to see if they are the correct ones.

I have no experience with installing from the hard drive, but it may not be acceptable. Booting to the install media is normal and possibly required.


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There are no hidden files in Panther directory :) plus, the microsoft page said that these were the installation log files.. Well thank you for atleast looking into them :)


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I did look at your logs, and although I am no expert in checking them, I did not see any particular driver that might be causing the rollback.

I did, however, see many instances of the system saying the install was supposed to be active, but flag was not indicating as such.

My best guess is your install senario will not work. Flash drives are not very expensive, it might certainly be worth investing in one.

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