Windows 7 Failed windows 7 upgrade, unable to remove temp files


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Hi All,

Just wondering if anybody could lend me a hand, a while back i upgraded to windows 7 beta from windows vista ultimate. The initial upgrade installation failed and created a series of folders on my HDD with the old windows vista files backed up in them. I have removed most of these folders but am having serious problems deleting $WINDOWS.~Q which contains 10Gb of data. I have tried setting the ownership etc but still to no avail please help....


Craig H
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Install the software provided on that site, right-click the folder and choose 'Unlocker'. You should get a message telling you there is no handler at the file, and you'll be able to choose which action to take from a list. Choose 'Delete' from that list, and the software should remove the files.

Overrides any attempt from the OS to stop the deletion. :)