Failed wundows 8 instalation

I did a stupid thing I have windows 7 installed on my 1gb drive and have a second 2gb drive so I thought I could install windows 8 on the second drive but did not unplug the windows 7 drive anyway the windows 8 installation completed but would not boot up. So now I have to unplug my backup drive to boot up it comes up with the windows 8 sybol and then gives me the option to load my previous windows 7 which load successfully. My question is does any one know how I can get rid of the windows 8 and go back to my normal windows 7 start up.

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Do both Windows 7 and 8 load succesfully?


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I would just format the drive with windows 8 on it. Then try it again if you wanted to.

My suggestion would be to keep the other drive as a storage drive and dual boot on the primary drive. Just create a partition and install 8 on that partition. It's much much easier.

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Remove the Windows 8 entry from the bootmgr with EasyBCD.

Remove the Windows 8 entry from the bootmgr with EasyBCD.
Thank I downloaded easybcd and it has fixed the problem letting me delete the windows 8 boot and setting the windows 7 to default so thank you again.

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