Failure to exit hibernate

I have recently moved to Windows 7 (upon getting a new motherboard installed) and 2 eweks later I cannot start up as I get a 'Restart from Hibernate' message on screen but nothing further happens.
I have tried a 'hard restart' from power off several times, allowing plenty of time for capacitor discharge etc but get the same message.
More worrying is that I cannot find any way to get the pc to start in safe mode or use restore as W7 seems almost to be bypassing the bios. Holding down delete on startup shows the first line of the bios screen then moves immediately to the hibernate message. It seems to move into that screen before the keyboard or mouse are activated.

Am I the only person who has had this occur? and does anyone know how I can get out of hibernate?


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Have you tried a cold restart (Hold power button until PC shuts down, then reboot). I do not use hibernate at all. I just use sleep. I always had poor experience with hibernate. Plus the hiberfil.sys file can get very large (3 to 4 GB or more). To disable hibernate use this method. You can then delete the hiberfil.sys file completely.

Thanks Ted,
I did try that method - six or seven times leaving 10 mins before starting up again - it didn't work. I also tried (at the suggestion of my local PC shop) cold restart after shorting out the AC input connection to discharge any residual current in capacitors - again that didn't work.
Because the keyboard and mouse were not booting before hanging up I asked my PC repairman to take a look at it. He came 36 hours later and it just started up for him. Tee'd off or what! I will take your advice and never use hibernate again!


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I just never had good luck with Hibernate. I use Sleep each day, and Shut down each night. I know some leave there PC's running continuously, but shutting down does some housekeeping activities that Windows needs periodically.

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