Fake Microsoft update emails circulating

Discussion in 'Windows News' started by whoosh, Dec 8, 2009.

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    Fake Microsoft update emails circulating

    Don't be fooled: Microsoft isn't going to offer you "an experimental private version" of a Windows update, whatever the email says. Security vendor Sophos has warned of a spammed malware campaign masquerading as a security update for various versions of Windows.

    Addressed "Dear Microsoft Customer," the email claims distribution of the update via Microsoft's web site "would have result in efficient creation of a malicious software" [sic].

    According to SophosLabs' Vanja Svajcer, the file is actually "a Delphi executable packed using a custom packer but it seems to be malformed and caused errors while executing on my test system."

    The file was already detectable by Sophos' AV software as EncPK-LL and so Svajcer performed no further analysis.

    Anyway, December's Patch Tuesday is almost here, so wait a little longer and you'll be able to get the latest Windows and Office security updates direct .


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