Windows 7 Fallout New Vegas Installation Fails

Hello to all Fallout Fans and all gamers. I have just upgraded my Computer to WIN & Ultimate 64bit.
Now the problem starts, I have Tried to (RE-INSTALL) my "LEGAL" copy of Fallout New Vegas that I have had since the day it was released here in Australia. I have played over 600hrs as I like to play it on the hardest and I play every part of the game, But I have just purchased the 2 DLC's and when I tried to install it on my computer NO WAY, I have Installed it then Uninstalled it I have even installed it through Steam and no matter what I try I cannot get the game to work.
The Game installs and when I go to play, the game shows the Preview part and then shows the section where I can Start a new game or go to a Save point. I have tried all of these opportunities and the minute the game wants to start, (It goes blank and a box appears" this box states "Fallout NV, Fallout NV has stopped working." a problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Through The Steam install I was asked to " Click on the game. Right click Properties, Click Local Files, Click on Verify Integrity of game cashe." the process starts, 0 of 1 Files, Verify 1 of 1 Files, 100%, 1 File failed to verify and will be reacquired. Close the box.
I have tried all the forums I could fine and everything other gamers and administrators had asked me to do but still no game it still fails.
If there is anyone out there who has had the same problem with this game or any other game and has been able to fix this mess. I ask you to PLEASE HELP ME,:( and I ask if you can please put how to do this as simple as possible as I am not a computer wizard. just another Dummie.:confused:. If you require my Email Address I will supply it to you.
Thank You, Grumpygramps.:mad:


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Hello! Try this:

After deleting the entire game from Steam, navigate to:

Start -> Search ->

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas

Delete this entire "Fallout New Vegas" folder

Go to Documents -> My Games -> FalloutNV

Delete FalloutNV folder

Under the Steam installation, their are no program files or settings in %appdata%, so you don't have to worry about that area. Its possible some files are not being deleted during the "re-install". Make sure you have the latest 64-bit video card drivers, the latest chipset drivers for your system, and ensure that the settings for the graphics in the game are appropriate for your setup.

Upon re-installing the game through Steam, see if you continue to have difficulties.

Hi Mike: Thanks for you message but I have tried this already but with no Success, I am now in the process of sending a DxDiag to Bethesda Softworks. But my problem is that the ADD-ON's for FALLOUT NEW VEGAS work on my Older HDD that has WIN XP SP3. This is a problem as I have to disengage my WIN7 HDD to go to the XP HDD.
I still think it is something to do with the Graphic Card and Maybe the Driver Update, "275.33"
Thanks again, Mike from Grumpygramps. :(:andwhat:.

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