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When you were shot in the head at the beginning of Fallout: New Vegas, a doctor in the town of Goodsprings and a securitron named Victor saved your life. On your travels through the Mojave Wasteland, you found out that you were supposed to deliver a platinum chip to the New Vegas Strip. This chip is no simple poker chip, and it is platinum for a reason. It is a processor designed by RobCo Chairman and CEO Robert M. House before the apocalypse on October 23rd, 2077 between the US, China, and the USSR. House had calculated with over 90% probability that a nuclear war would ensue by 2065, but his calculations were off by 20 hours. It turns out that the delivery of that package was one day late, and The Great War, as well as the entire world, came to an end. However, House's anti-ballistic missile system did save most of the strip and some of the surrounding wastes.

Humanity survived in underground vaults by Vault-Tec, but those above ground turned into super mutants through the FEV (Forced Evolutionary Virus). Disfigured, irradiated ghouls that live for hundreds of years roam the wastes, having been directly exposed to prolonged amounts of radiation. Giant radiated scorpions and fire-breathing ants canvas the barren wastelands of the United States.

House spent 815,545 Nuka-Cola bottle caps to try to find the chip after the war for approximately 200 years. Before you were shot, you were a package courier for the Mojave Express. But you weren't supposed to make Mr. House's chip delivery. Courier 6 was. In Lonesome Road, you will finally find out who he is. And your level cap is raised by 5.

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