False Prophet To Speak Today

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by whoosh, May 23, 2011.

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    Harold Camping, the false prophet who led his followers down the well-worn path of doomsday, is to speak today. If he does, Statement Analysis will cover his words. Perhaps he will consider selling off all assets of Family Radio (if he hasn't already) to pay back his followers who spent money on billboards and advertising. We wouldn't recommend any follower holding breath on this one, however.

    The last time he gave a "mea culpa" the root of his ego remained in tact. In 1994, after his prior date setting failed, his bitterness towards his critics only increased, as the relationship between this one man and pastors across the country deteriorated, culminating in his "call" for 'Campingites" to abandon their community churches, thus consolidating his power over those who sold their minds to him.
    Statement Analysis

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