VIDEO Family 'being terrorised by poltergeists in haunted house'

A trip to the cinema is probably the best way of watching a horror film but a family claims they are part of their own ‘Scary Movie’ after being terrorised by poltergeists.

Lisa Manning and her two children have been living in fear following hundreds of eerie goings-on.

Ashtrays have been flung through the air and they once came home to find their dog lying motionless at the bottom of the stairs, with serious injuries.

Vets said it was as if their pet, who later died, had been pushed down the stairs in their home.

And if you were thinking there’s no such thing as ghosts – the sinister happenings have been caught on a secret camera set up by Miss Manning’s partner.

In what could be a scene from horror flick Paranormal Activity, the footage shows a chair sliding across the room as cupboard doors slam open and shut.

After seeing the video, housing association Whitefriars is now helping relocate the family.

But in a desperate attempt to put a stop to the haunting Miss Manning called in a priest to exorcise her home.

The weird disturbances have left the mother, her daughter Ellie, 11, and six-year-old son, Jaydon, so terrified they have fled their haunted house in Coventry six times.

Miss Manning, 34, said: ‘Your home is meant to be a safe place but ours isn’t. ‘I have to sit with my daughter when she goes to the toilet or has a bath as she’s too afraid to go on her own.

‘The worst bit is we can’t see it so we have no clue as to where this poltergeist is or what it’s going to do.

‘Things have got so bad my kids are now seeing a counsellor.’ Ellie added: ‘I’m scared to go home from school and I don’t like to go upstairs on my own.’

Despite admitting to being sceptical of the paranormal at first, Miss Manning has now resorted to putting up crucifixes to banish the spirits.

‘The priest said we definitely shouldn’t stay,’ the care worker said. ‘This truly is a horror house.’

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