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March 31, 2010

Cutting Fat- And Calories--From Cakes And Frostings

A new cooking oil (Fantesk) that is trans fat free. Developed by George Fanta and the late Kenneth Eskins in the 1990's at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

Mukuto Singh experiments with the oil which is encapsulated in cornstarch or wheat flour which produces low fat cake mixes and her lab in Peoria Illinois.

Cakes made with the oil are have better texture and higher volume And no additional oil is required in the mix. What's more, the lower fat frostings that Singh and chemical engineer Jeffrey Byars are creating with Fantesk- have the smooth texture and spread ability of butter-cream favorites, yet contain 50 percent less fat..

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Reducing the amount of fat is not enough, carbohydrates and proteins must be balanced as well.

Although less fat is certainly a plus.

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