Windows 7 farcry 2 npc glitch

Hi all i just finished building my new machine and some of the old favs have issues they didnt before, farcry 2 is one with a game progression stopper and the threads around the net show others have had it but proper fixs dont seem to be directly targeting the issue i have or i just cant find one, its the latest patch too.

I am running windows 7 64 bit on a new as set of hardware and farcry 2 has an issue with npc's in the first area's merc bar, the npc's are bouncing or swerving around and i cant progress as the npc's cant be talked to otherwise the game is sweet to play it has only minor graphical issues otherwise and frames are excelent on ultra.

i once finished this on xp and this was no probs then so as one other post i seen around the net seemed to b showing this is a windows 7 64 bit problem.

can anyone confirm this issue or possible fixes for it?

i have read that windows 7 isnt supported for this game which i find ridiculous its not even old really, borderlands frame's r a joke and oblivion has hangup problems for a sec every 5-10 secs of play considering the graphis card compatability screen shows GOOD for those two games but isnt much good really, i think we should be seeing better compatability for old games they used to work well but are now rubbish surely fixs are around for them.

windows 7 cant just be for new games they can make downloadable fixes for our games what a waist to just toss them all because the operation system cant run them well when the older version of windows dont it great.

and i have tried compatability mode and found no better results there.

sry this was so long just frustrated.

ty any input to these sort of issues would be welcome.


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I bought this game to try and help and it looks cool, don't have the npc issue on my system though sorry. Do have mad stuttering with high fps though which is driving me mad.

ty for the reply i hope u enjoy this game when u work out the stuttering, the system i have now and my old one didnt stutter so sry i cant help out there.

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