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Windows 7 FAT32 Flash Drive


New Member
Mar 7, 2009
I have a flash drive that has been sitting around for awhile, I finally decided to do somehting with it, and low and behold, its FAT32. Obviously, Vista had some serious issues with FAT32 flash drives, but I had high hopes for 7. It worked the first time I inserted it, and then when I tried to do anything in it, Windows Explorer became nonresponsive. From then on, The drive wouldn't autorun, or open. I tried formatting it using MSdos, but it too became nonresponsive. All I want to do is format it to NTFS. If someone could help me with this, I would be forever greatful.
I believe all flash drives are FAT32 formatted from the manufacturer.

I've only heard of a utility from Hewlett-Packard that allows you to format into NTFS, but it's only for their own line of flash drives.

Do you have any other computers to try it on them to see if the flash drive may have failed.?

I've had several experiences with flash drives not showing up. I simply pulled it out and re-inserted it a little hard. I guess it just wasn't making the contact it needed.

And this was even before Windows 7 was released.
Alas, I have tried reinserting it, a couple of ten times while I was waiting for it to stop raining, so I could get my buddy's computer out of my car. It runs XP 64, but formerly ran Vista. When it ran Vista, inserting this flash drive, and from what I was told by him, any flash drive, froze the comuter until the drive was removed. Now, however, it runs perfectly fine on his XP 64. Thank you for your insight, though.