faulty "unsupported 16 bit app" messages


I recently installed a new 64bit win 7 ULT on my machine.
The strange thing is that almost every file I download, will not run and will display the "unsupported 16 bit application", even for the adobe flash download...

If I download the same file from another machine - It would run fine on the 64bit machine that couldn't run it....

I d/l with chrome/IE/FDM with the same result.

What to do??



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You seem to have a new problem I haven't seem before. Are you running any utilities on this machine you are not running on the others?

All I might suggest for now would be to do a System File Check. Open an administrative command prompt and type SFC /scannow and let it run. Make note if it says some file could not be repaired.

Well, I installed Bitdefender...I can try uninstalling it...
The verification process was 100% OK..

any other suggestion in the meanwhile?


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On the Start Menu, there is a 64 bit version of explorer. Try downloading with it.

Is there a specific type of program this is happening with? Are they all related to a browser?

Done any virus checking lately?

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