Windows 7 FEAR 2 Demo, Win7 x64


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Jan 28, 2009
When trying to install FEAR 2 demo from fileplanet, windows7 64bit gives me an error that it does not support 16 bit applications and to find a 64 bit compatible version of the file... odd thing is it seems to be on the part where it installs directx, and it even comes up if i just run the directx redist file. any fix?
oo thanks i'll try that download when i get home tonight.... fileplanet one sure didn't work, here's to hoping.
That fear 2 demo was the first of the two games I have downloaded this month so far. Fear 2 game me some ridiculous error, I tried installing it on vista 64 and vista 32 with no success. Burnout Paradise being the second game I downloaded from fileplanet which would get me to the EA connection screen and then hardlock. Ctrl + Alt + Delete > Start Task Manager > right click the demo > End Process.
I ran the FEAR demo on win 7 64bit with sucses ,granted i had installed the game on a winxp install and just fired the game up in win 7 .At first it gave me a d3d dll error .i upgraded DX9c to the latest november 08 release and from then on it ran fine.

Funny thing is i could not get the game running on windows XP at all (unless you count the games safe mode withouth audio and mouse controll).Ppl all over the net have been complaining about the demo's stability but once they get it running it runs well.
Has anyone been able to get Battlefield 2142 to work? I can't even get it to run on vista 64bit. it lets me install and update everything but connecting to a game is resaults in a hardlock.
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