February 1, 2012 Updates


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I am pleased to announce our new round of updates for the first time in 2012. Of most importance, Windows7Forums.com and Windows8Forums.com have been updated to version 4.1.10. This is the latest stable release of the vBulletin Publishing Suite, the world recognized forum software. Hundreds of obscure bug fixes were covered in this update, and the resource utilization of the forum code has been improved.

Furthermore, a reality we had looked forward to for some time has now become a reality. It is possible to use Windows 7 Forums and Windows 8 Forums directly within Facebook. While not all features will be present, any Facebook user can simply look up the two forum applications via Facebook search. These apps create a seem-less integration between forums using the same API that is used to power the mobile phone app for Android that we released some time ago.

Here are some screens:



Bugs and enhancements to the content management system loader have been made. Some aesthetic changes have been made to the front page of the forum itself, and these changes have been made to accommodate the new 4.1.10 update. Most of these are the forum news ticker and the social networking buttons on the front page. These features were not considered essential, and may be restored at a later time.

Our holiday and winter theme has been replaced with our standard look for now, as it had been up for well over a month. We believe that members took a liking to it, as always, but since it is now February, we will look to continue on with the original site branding and logos.

A minor bug reported by NaiyaShamiso is being investigated involving difficulty with posting certain links from Wikipedia that do not auto-fill correctly. Thank you, Naiya!

Windows7Forums.com and Windows8Forums.com were updated with search engine optimization enhancements.

Earlier this month, our web server software, Litespeed, was also upgraded.

More information on vBulletin 4.1.10:

vBulletin 4.1.10 was driven by customer feedback. The release contains:

A major stylevars refactor

90+ stylevars bug fixes and improvement requests

Stylevar Mapping Response to minimize impact on customized styles.

A Remove Orphan Stylevars tool for administrators.

32 Hook Requests made by customers for development.

Additional Changes since the 4.1.10 BETA 1 Release:

  • VBIV-6910 Attachment Paperclip Overlap Pagination (Search Results, Forums, Settings)
  • VBIV-13895 Credits Update
  • VBIV-5472 File name in lightbox has htmlspecialchar'd HTML entities (only for old attachments)
  • VBIV-6910 Fix Template version.
  • VBIV-14029 Missing username in private messages sent list
  • VBIV-14041 Problem with mappings of navbar_tab_size
  • VBIV-10902 Wrong directional markup in Blog Entries sidebar block - RTL
  • VBIV-13921 Security Breach: Unauthorized Blogs Being Posted
  • Update template version numbers to 4.1.10
  • VBIV-14033 Attachment lightbox overlay re-appears after closing it
  • VBIV-14027 Thread Title Quick Edit Box Width Depends on Original Title Length
  • VBIV-14043 link_textDecoration and linkhover_textDecoration Don't Work in Forum Sidebar and CMS Widget Content Links
  • VBIV-14044 Extra Margin Displayed Above and Below Lists in WYSIWYG Editor
  • VBIV-13545 Cursor in WYSIWYG editor disappears when using arrow keys to move it
  • VBIV-14064 Thread Titles Clipped

4.1.10 contains a total of 300+ bug fixes, hook requests, improvement requests, and feature requests.

We are excited to continue to provide all visitors and members with the latest updates, programming improvements, worldwide resources, and options. I am sure Mitchell will want to follow up to this post. I am currently looking to see if our data would support the development and publication of an Android OS application for Windows8Forums.com. Existing and new members should keep in mind that Windows8Forums.com is a separate website. Though they share similar development goals and aesthetics at present time, both sites are focused on a different subject matter. For those reasons, we look forward to a rise in participation on both websites!

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