FFB wheel problem

I've got a problem with my racing-wheel and win7home.
At first I had win7enterprise and the latest driver for the wheel and there were no problems. Now I've got win7home and the problem accures: windows doesn't see the wheel when I want to change the settings, eventough the wheel is working correct and the (latest)driver is installed correct.
So what is the problem or is the solution? I think the problem is something with win7home, because it workes fine with another OS (XP,7enterprise).


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I do not have a wheel, so I really can't help for sure. I would not think there would be a difference in the Windows versions that would cause what you describe. Did you install the device on the Enterprise version and the home version?

When you say "Windows does not see the wheel", is there supposed to be a control panel for it to make adjustments? Could it be hidden in the system tray?

Do you see anything in the control panel for the device?

There may be drivers and software required for normal operation. I will assume you have installed everything you need.

your 7home is the same version or did you switch from 32>64 something?

have you installed the driver as administrator? (right-click Setup)
have you clean installed 7home? anyway, looks like a driver compatibility issue.

At first I had an old pc with win XP and the same wheel and it worked fine.
Now I bought a new pc and I had win7enterprise64 (cracked one) and this worked also fine.

But I thought let’s be nice and use only legal software on my new pc. So I bought a legal win7home32 and the problems started and makes me wanna cry. It’s the same pc, same wheel only another OS, that is why I think win7home is the problem. Maybe I should go back to enterprise, but I can’t get it activated, I’m not that good on IT scale. But if there is a person who knows how and wants to help me I would be verry thankfull (and helped).

I made a printscreen (see attachment) there can be seen that win7 recognizes the wheel and says it’s working correct (left side) but when I want to change the settings, like force and some buttons, the wheel is not seen in a list (right side).

What can I do to make it work again?



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On the left side of your attachment, it shows a Thrustmaster device. Do you have one of those, or is your device being setup incorrectly.

Do you have Win 7 drivers and software for your device from the manufacturer?

I would probably uninstall the device in device manager and then let windows find it again. If it still doesn't work correctly, load any drivers and software you might have.

Getting an updated driver through the Windows update process might take some time, if at all, since such devices may not be recognized immediately.

It's an Thrustmaster (Guillemot) device. I've also contacted them to see if they've got a solution (with no result) I've already tried the original driver (on cd) from the manufacturer which didn't worked, so I stay with the one wich worked with win7ent64 (the latest driver, and I think the best one). And I've re-installed the wheel several times because I miss it a lot and want it working.
With this pc I'm not connected with the internet (I think it make take a year), but I made some inhouse movement (several) to try to see if a connection (with the web and the wheel) makes some different, with no result.
So I don't what's happening, I still think it's win7home32.

connect this PC temporarily to internet and look for a driver update from within the device manager/driver

other than that I think the 64bit OS version is the better one

I tried to update the driver (again) with no result.
What shall I do, try to re-install win7? Because I'm not getting any further.
If so what about the activation, do I have to de-activate first or can I activate as many times if I want because it's the same pc?
Or shall I try to get the 64bit going? I've got it on dvd but I don't think I'll get it activated.


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Were you able to get the drivers indicated in the circled area in the attachment?

The Vista drivers should work, you might need to install or run them in compatibility mode if no real Win 7 drivers are available?


I'm not sure.

The driver I use is the Vista one V2.7.30 (to the right of circle) and Thrustmaster says: "at the moment no win7 drivers available", but it worked fine with win7ent.
How do I run / install the driver in compatibility mode? It might be the solution.

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The highlighted note on the web page states a Win 7 driver is available, although it may be a beta. Have you signed in, which I assume you have to do, and downloaded that driver? Check your driver version against the version available on the page. Do you have a newer version than that one?

Please understand, it does not appear to me the driver mentioned in the note is the one available for download on that same page.

Whohoo, I've got it working.
The solution was simply to install the Windows Vista driver in compatibility mode, how simple can it be :p
I didn't knew it was possible, and I didn't had to use it with win7ent.
As said before I had a good feeling about it, but I didn't knew how to do it, now I do.
Thanks to Saltgrass I've learned something, so Saltgrass special thanks to you.

At the site of Thrustmaster I signed in but I came at the same page I think it's just news, you only have to sign in to make contact.

So manny thanks to you guy's (who have posted), keep on going the good work!!
I'm a happy man again.

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