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    Please help. I've been searching for the answer so I wouldn't have to ask a question that's already been solved but have been unsuccessful for the last few hours.

    I was on Vista Home Premium and used the OS file backup just before upgrading to 7 Ultimate. Now that I've upgraded, I assigned a drive letter to my second internal harddrive (where the backups are located), and have been trying to restore from there. When I do the restore files it won't show any files to restore found, and when I try to setup the backup it will not show my second hdd. It shows the backup partition of the first hdd but I cannot select the second.

    What do I need to do?

    UPDATE: The problem was solely mine. During setup of the new file the disc failed to properly install winload.exe on the primary drive c:. It then makes a backup of windows.old on my c:. I moved that over to my backup drive and for whatever reason it was loading windows using both drives. If I disconnected either drive then started the computer it would fail. I used the setup disc and repair function. It fixed the winload.exe on the c: and I am able to select my e: as the backup and delete everything.
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