File icons appear twice

For some reason, if I drop an file, any type, on my desktop, the same file appears in my "my music" folder. If I delete the file in either location, they are both deleted. I have scanned my computer with Microsoft Security Essentials as well as Avast, and no viruses have been found. I also tried a separate Spybot program which found nothing.

Can anyone help?


Captain Jack

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I believe the Shell locations might have messed up by some reason or the Environment path. Download this its a Microsoft Fixit Tool that will restore your Shell locations to default then reboot your System. See if that happens again. In case you have the same problem post us back.

Hope this helps,

No luck, still doing it. Any other ideas?


I actually managed to fix it. Underneath my music, it said the folder had more than one location, desktop being one of them. I just removed desktop as a location and it fixed itself.

thanks anyway

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