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Jan 2, 2012
I recently bought a new system and have been doing a lot of "file stuff", so I realized (again) how many features Windows (10 in this case) File Manager lacks. I have used Power Desk for many years, so I bought the "new" version PD 9) and have had several issues. The publisher (Avanquest/V-Com) has been of little help, blaming performance issues on my system (6th gen Intel cpu, 12GB RAM, 128GB SSD primary drive, 2 TB 7800 RPM data drive) and saying other features (skins, ability to change fonts, and their own help file PDF not launching when selected from their menu) are not supported. So, not too happy with PD anymore. I like Free Commander, and have also been a registered user of Ztree for many years, but I wondered what else was around these days. Any comments? BTW, I was one of those guys that has always been slow to move from one platform to the next (DOS to Win 3,Win 95, Win 98, XP and then 7 Pro 64) but I have always been happy after I learned the new system (notice I skipped a few steps though). Win 10 Pro 64 has been no exception. I am really loving the fast boots and shutdowns, and (so far) no major issues with older hardware (I have a very old Canon CanoScan 8600F that isn't supposed to work with Win 10, but it does). I just don't get why MS doesn't build a better File Manager.
Personally any mass file operations I just use powershell, but that's just me
might take a peek at freecommander … i have never used the product … it is freeware. and, as with all software … make sure you get the product straight from the development firm (not cnet, etc).
FreeCommander XE
As I mentioned in my original post, I have used and like Free Commander. I may register it to get the 64 bit flavor. But I was wondering what else was popular today.
Total Commander (formerly Windows Commander) was the one a lot of people used long ago. It is still actively developed if I'm not mistaken. Depends on what type of file operations you are trying to do.
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