File not found error

I have a file on my desktop that is called "Awesome." If I go to the properties, it says the file type is "File (.)" If I try to delete it it says "Could not find this item. It is no longer located in (my desktop directory) Verify the item's location and try again. I looked everywhere and searched this many times but nothing works for me. I think I was trying to save a picture as a jpg or something and somehow this happened. How do I fix this?


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Hi hungrycamels and Welcome to The Forum.
A few options.

Have you tried deleting it in Safe Mode?

Unlocker is pretty good at deleting the un-deletable, worth a try.

A workaround would be to r-click the offending file and give it hidden properties. It's still there, you just can't see it on your actual desktop!!
OK, this is a workaround that only works if you haven't set your system to show hidden files and folders.

Hey, thanks alot! Unlocker worked perfectly, deleted it off my desktop instantly! Thank you!

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