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Hi all, Win7100 64 installed and occasionally enjoying it so far.

My Problem:
I inserted a typical client-provided Data CD with 1,025 CAD files spread over 203 nested folders (a manufacturer's product library). Typical file/product name something like REQY250-BC1E where REYQ is one of dozens of similar product families and 250 is one of several available sizes. I might need 12 or so of these files for a typical project.

On XP,2000, NT4, ME, '98, , I would browse to a folder, right click, select Search, type in a string, click OK, job done. Change folder, change string, search again. Lovely.

On Windows 7 The super-enhanced-Explorer opens up. I browse down through the list of folders. File Searching for anything in Explorer yields NO results. (because the drive is not indexed?)

So, Plan B: Windows-F,
2.type a search string in the top right.
3.wait until Windows scans my whole (indexed) system for matches
4.scroll down the long results list to the bottom of the page. 'custom'
6.browse your way to the DVD drive
7.Results appear!
8.Slightly different search string? No Problem! simply go back to Step#2 (no need to repeat step#1!)

Search will ignore spaces
Search will provide partial matches mixed up with the full matches.
Search will provide matches to folder paths AND filenames. Try finding just the PDFs in a folder structure with a folder called "PDFS and DWGS" at the top!
Search is not configurable in any way that I have found.*
Search sucks!

Can someone please explain how this is a "release candidate" feature and not some sort of sick frakking joke?

I've had such a problem with this that I've had to try out a 3rd-party app. called Super Finder. Fortunately, it works a treat and I'll soon be sending them some money for their product. But WTF?

Again I ask, am I getting this wrong? How is this 'progress'?

And if anyone can tell me how I can get Microsoft themselves aware of my feelings, I would be very grateful. Obviously they don't see their Search utility as a fetid pile of dung, but I do.

Right now, if Autocad could run properly on Macs or Linux, I'd jump ship tommorrow.

* Ok I found some options in Folder Options/Search Tab. Sorts out partial matches but still, what a PITA!

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