File Transfer


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I use a HP dv7-1247 x64 and just bought a Acer Netbook 722-BZ197 x64 and both
use W7 SP1 Home Premium. I would like to transfer all my files from the HP to
the Acer ao I am requesting advise about the best possible method to acccomplish
this type of operation.

I travel quite a bit and I would like to use the netbook instead of the larger laptop.



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cross over cable, allows you to connect the pc to pc and transfer files, ( ive done this before )

create a online storage place such as dropbox, your own personal place files will update on what ever pc you are signed into (i use this now for long distances)

use a program like Ultra VNC or tightvnc which you can remote control you pc from where ever you are, also do file transfers ( need internet)

or by a external hard drive