Windows 7 FileMaker won't see remote databases


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Jan 12, 2009
I have a site that is using FileMaker for it's database and I have installed FM10.0 without any problems. My issue arises when I try to connect to the FM server. I can go to File>Open Remote File and view my "Favorite Hosts" and add the server settings but when I click on the server, it is not showing any of the databases available. The server was just upgraded to FM 10.0 server and it is set correctly as I can see it from other computers. I checked the firewall settings since I didn't get a window asking to unblock the program (as I had see on previous OSs) and, sure enough, FM was not in the settings. I manually added FM to the list of approved programs allowed through the Windows Firewall. as well as went to the advanced settings and added the port (allow TCP and UDP port:5003) to the list of outbound rules but I still cannot see the databases on the server. I cannot see where any of the settings in SAV 10.2 would be blocking any communications. Does anybody have any ideas or has anyone else experienced this problem?
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