Filename highlight/select .ext

I have to do a lot of copying/pasting of filenames at work for use in creation in URLs.

With Win7, when I highlight the a file's name (say, document_v1.pdf) Windows only selects the name (document_v1) and not the extension (.pdf).

Is there ANY way of changing this behavior so that selecting (highlighting) the filename selects the extension as well? I'm about ready to put my head through the wall.

(And yes, this is actaully a REALLY big deal for me, as I do this with hundreds of files every day.)

Any help is appreciated.

I can appreciate that, unfortunately I'm not interested in a batch file dump of a directory. Although that's been useful since 1983, it doesn't really address my question.

Is there a way of making Win7 select the entire file name, and not just the name minus the extension?

Here's my typical workflow.
I receive an email with three PDF files and a request to host them on a Web server. I save the files to my desktop, then launch the CMS application (Teamsite by Interwoven). I then select upload/browse/select the files and transfer them.

When this is complete, I have to provide the URL to the file I just uploaded. Unlike Frontpage or Expressions Web, I can't right-click and select properties for the file. I do, however, always upload them to the same location... ... This way, I can highlight, copy/paste the file name at the end of the known server location, and reply to the request with the appropriate address to the file. Not being able to quickly highlight the ENTIRE file name is frustrating.

EVERY version of Windows prior to 7 has allowed me to highlight/copy the ENTIRE file name. As we all know, a file without an extension is generally unusable data. Why Win7 wouldn't automatically select the full name is beyond me, but I'm really hating this.


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Until I find this out, just informing you that scripts like WinAutomation, Autohotkey or even a simple VB app can do this. What a script would do is allow you to open a folder that has your PDF files, and you would just have to click a pre-defined hotkey like CRTL-R for example and the script would loop through the files in that folder and automatically, a text file would open with rows of and all the file names after them. You wouldn't have to do anything else.

If you would like, I can help you by creating such a script. If not, I will do some more searching on selecting full file names like you requested.

Just trying to help.

Just as tungsram has mentioned, I too cut and paste file names for work on a regular basis, and have noted a definite loss in productivity due to this new default that Windows 7 has imposed on us. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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