Files from nowhere?

Recently added Crucial SSD 256GB to my system after hard drive crash and burn. At present have the following set up.
C:/(primary drive) Crucial SSD, D:/(photographic storage) WD Raptor, E:/ (storage) external Apricorn 750 GB SATA II,
F:/ (backup) WD Caviar Black 1TB.
I originally had to install Vista on the D:/ in order for Windows 7 professional upgrade to install.
However I now have on the E:/ (storage) drive a "Program Files" folder and a "Windows" folder which is 7 GB in size.
Where did they come from and why?
I'm having problems with security in gaining access to them for deletion. Help and suggestions appreciated


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The files were probably created when upgrading.. whether intentionally or not, it may not be the best idea to delete them. May I recommend selecting all the files/folders and going to properties followed by selecting "hidden". This will make the folders hidden.

Alternatively, you could "take ownership" of the files which should allow you to delete them.
See: How to take ownership of file in Windows vista using cmd/command prompt? - TIPS 'n' TRICKS
On how to do that.

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