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I downloaded a Zip file from the internet and extracted the content. I no longer needed either so I grabbed both the Zip file and the content file and dragged them to the recycle bin. It asked me if I really wanted to delete both files I said yes and apparently deleted the files. But then I looked and saw that they were still sitting on my desk top. So I tried again to delete them and it won't let me and now says that the file no longer lives where the folder says it does and can't delete them.

what is up? how do I delete these files.


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Have you tried just deleting from their present position and not deleting?

Would you have any reason the think the files might be infected with a virus?

If you right click and select properties, do the files show as read only? Does the location still show the desktop or perhaps some type of temporary folder?

Try right clicking on the explorer icon in the task bar, then right click Windows Explorer and select Run as Admin. Maybe that will let you delete the files.

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Hello !!

Seems like something is going on with that file. Download Malwarebytes and install it. There is a FileASSASSIN Mode in the software it would remove the File even if it's an infected one. Also run a complete scan with it. FileASSASSIN: Malwarebytes

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have you emptied your recycle bin? have you rebooted?

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