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I live in Maryland and know it's past the deadline for filing 2010 federal taxes, but I don't owe any money and am due some money back instead, for the little income I made, and I file with 1040EZ. Can I still file taxes to recieve that money back and if so, what should I do if all the 1040EZ forms are gone from my local libraries? Are they the PDF files you can google, print, and mail to the government?

I was also wondering if they can be sent electronically, and whether or not there are sites that do the forms for you (based on what you tell them is on your W-2's?)

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You are past the deadline date which was April 15th and may be subject to penalties if you attempt to file. You should file as quickly as possible or file a tax deadline extension form. More information: What if You Miss the Tax Deadline?

TurboTax allows you to file electronically.

Yeah but I didn't owe any money so there are no penalties, instead I was owed money. I take it that amount of money will still be the same despite being past that deadline? Then again, I think that deadline is only for filing if you owed money. I don't think the deadline applies in my case.

I notice that on the online PDF for the 1040EZ, where you type in amounts, there's apparently two boxes for each amount, separated by a long vertical line that spans the page. It's on the right side of the PDF:

Is that second box for decimals or something? If not then what's it for? And can I choose to not round off amounts to the nearest dollar (reading the 1040EZ instructions, I can't tell if this is a requirement or not)?

Thanks for the help...


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I live in Canada where I think much about filing taxes is similar. Seeings how you are owed money, there should not be any penalties. I would just suggest you contact the IRS, they should be able to answer your questions.

Too bad they have no phone pick-up service whatsoever...everything's automated so if they don't have a recorded message on there that helps you're in tough luck.

Meh, screw them in all honesty. Heard they are an illegal entity anyway that shouldn't be holding back money to begin with. If you're owed money, they should know who you are and send you the darn money anyway...

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