Windows 7 Finally - Free Virtual CD / DVD mounter that works (X32)


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys it's a bit fiddly to use but this program actuually works
Elby Virtual Clone

elby Virtual CloneDrive - Free ISO Mounting Utility For Vista - Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day

don't worry about the date on the blog -- the software is updated since then and works on W7 X32.
It doesn't actually say VISTA but it works !!.

You need Version

Re-boot after installing the driver - it doesn't tell you to do it.
To mount the image go in Windows explorer - You'll see a device BD-ROM(n) where N is a letter
Right click against that
you'll see Virtual Clone Drive
Then Mount / Unmount /eject.
Works and is FREE.

I'm not sure how many virtual devices it can manage -- ONE is fine for me.

Can't get a screen dump currently as I'm fiddling around with some multi-media at the moment.

That was my LAST issue with W7 X-32 -- Alcohol 52 didn't work -- now I have an alternate so 100% happy.

never liked elby to be honest. used it a couple of years ago and it caused more problems than it solved. but maybe I'll give it a shot, thanks anyway.
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