Finding 64bit Vista Drivers


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For what it is worth, I appear to have gotten very lucky in this regard.

The search for 64bit drivers was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. Lets see now,
Epson 1660 Photo Scanner-no problem
AL1706 LCD Monitor-no problem
HP w2207H LCD monitor-no problem
HP a6300f computer including motherboard, all chipset drivers, sound, lan, keyboard, and mouse-no problem.
Logitech Webcam-no problem
APC Uninteruptable Power Supply-no problem
ATI HD2400 Video Card-no problem
So I guess thats it and I should be ready to go.
Point of interest to me will be to see if the Crucial 2gb ram dimms can be overclocked more than the previous ram I have been using.
Also of interest to me will be whether or I can just upgrade from 32bit Vista to 64bit Vista or do I have to do a reformat.
Installing of software I don't gather is a big deal as the stuff that really counts like Microsoft Office is 64bit also.

Yes.........finding 64 bit drivers is not the problem it was in the past. Windows found and installed all my hardwares drivers apart from my Bit Defender Security that had to be done by myself. Microsoft has some info. on installing 64 bit Vista at:

Installation choices for 64-bit consumer versions of Windows Vista


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Thanks I will look at that. If all goes well it will all be here and ready to install on Friday. So I guess I will have interesting day of installing and hopefully a weekend of fun after that.

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