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I have windows xp and windows 7 here at home. in my windows xp I see a lot more networks. After compareing the two lists it dawned on me that windows 7 does not show unsecured networks. This is a problem because my network is unsecured. Is there a way to get unsecured networks to show up in windows 7.


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In so far as I know the security or lack of security on a wireless network should not keep it from showing up as an available network connection, however; if the Wireless radio is not broadcasting a SSID (Service Set Identifier) then it will not show up. So you may want to reset your router to factory defaults by using the reset button inside the hole on the back of the router. Be aware that if you do choose to do this and are using a PPPoE connection from your ISP, you will probably need to re-enter your username and password for the WAN side of your router. And I would highly recommend configuring some type of security for your wireless network, at least WEP but preferably WPA or WPA2

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I know about broadcasting. My network broadcasts. I have win98,win2000,winxp and win 7 computors. The only ones not seeing unsecured networks is my windows 7 machines. I have never seen anything like this either but it has to be a win 7 fault?. If there was a problem with my router broudcasting my other comps would be having problems. I think it probally has something to do with windows security but since win 7 is still new to me I am not sure what to change or how.

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