Windows 7 Fingerprint Software Error srv-proc-not-rdy


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I have Dell Lattitude E6410 with windows7 installed.
It was working fine for about 2 yrs but today when I tried to boot following happened:

After very long time pop up window

An internal Error occurred (Provider:provider:srv-proc-not-rdy)

My laptop did not go beyond this. Had to hard switch off.

Any clue will be great help
I think the best option would be to contact Dell support / your retailer. Or, perhaps, use a System Restore point. One or more of later updates may have mixed your system.
From your title you are thinking the fingerprint service is involved?

Can you boot into safe mode?
Yes, I could start the system in safe mode but could not locate fingerprintsoftware to un-install it . Of course it was very slow in safe mode. Could you help how to proceed in safe mode to take care of the error message. Thanks a lot kiran
Thanks for the congrats... I can't express my joy and gratitude about it all! Going nuts...

The key word for uninstalling may be Sager, the company that made it. Fingerprint Software Error (Sager NP8662) gives some problems...

It could be a simple issue of drivers. Some companies, when providing new drivers / software versions, stop and block the support of older ones, leading to a dead end for users of older stuff. I've had this happen with Revo Uninstaller Pro - Uninstall Software, Remove Programs easily, Forced Uninstall, Leftovers Uninstaller and Speed Up Slow Computer, Keep PC and Internet Secure, Freeware Download - IObit and some more.

I would warmly recommend to try to use Windows standard uninstall / Sager - if you can find that, or try to locate it by installation date, or contacting your retailer. Willing to take the risk, you may go to Windows registry, but NOTE, there is a risk. It's high enough for me not to say more. It may well be cheaper to pay some bucks to get it well done, instead of experimenting.
If you are using a desktop which I was, this error is due to the Dell data protection software that comes installed from the factory. Uninstall it and you're good to go.