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I play a flight simulator on line with other guys. When I want to host the game, I give them my IP number but (I think) because of the fire wall, they cannot connect to my computer.
How do I disable the fire wall and activate it later after the game?
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I'm not on Windows 7 at the moment, so I can't tell you 'click for click' but you should find "Firewall" in your Control Panel and be able to shut it off there.
If you're using a router, remember that most of them have their own firewall.

By shutting it off, you're opening up your PC to all sorts of invasions. So if you must shut it off, please remember to turn it back on later.

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You may not want to turn off the Windows Firewall completely. It's relatively easy to add exceptions (programs) to the firewall.
click the start orb and type
firewall allow
into the searchbox and hit enter.
You can examine the present exceptions that have been previously configured (sometimes just by virtue of having installed the software product) and examine the details by selecting one and clicking the details button.
You can edit these or add another program to the list by clicking the Change settings button and then the Allow another program button.
Additionally as OldTimer has already suggested, if you are presently behind a NAT Firewall/Router (Network Address Translation) you will likely need to configure port forwarding (persistent or application triggered) you'll need to consult your individual router documentation as many are slightly different but it usually involves creating pinholes with the appropriate protocols and ports used by your game(s). You may need to check the Specific Game's support forum to see if you can get some help regarding the ports or port range as well the protocol (likely TCP but may also require UDP for audio) as all games are also slightly different.
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I don't know too much about this stuff, but your response was clear and easy to follow.


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You're of course very welcome.
If you don't mind updating your thread with how you are progressing, especially if you find a successful resolution to your issue(s) we would appreciate it as it might (probably would) prove beneficial and helpful to other members and visitors with a similar problem.
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