.Firefox 5.0 makes an appearance


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Non-profit outfit Mozilla has got Firefox 5 ready ahead of schedule and has posted up the code ready for the official release on June 21.

They are addressing a flaw with the WebGL implementation that Microsoft says is insecure

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The download links have been shutdown for now. Mozilla won't let anymore downloads out except for the BETAS still. We'll have to wait until Tuesday June 21 for the real deal.


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It's not officially released until tomorrow, but if you'd like to have an early look at Firefox 5 then the final build is actually available now, and while the "new features" list is a little on the short side, the browser includes some interesting tweaks which are well worth having. Mozilla posted the release candidate just three days ago.

Download Link (may have to hit it twice): Firefox 5 FINAL free download - Software reviews, downloads, news, free trials, freeware and full commercial software - Downloadcrew

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