Firefox and Chrome don't open any websites

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    Hi, everyone. I have a serious problem. It's about internet browsers. Right now I'm working with Internet explorer. Firefox and Chrome don't open any websites. I changed the internet settings in control panel but it didn't help. :frown: Some people tell it's about antivirus programs. I am using NOD32 antivirus, But I don't think that's the problem. What must I do to solve this problem? Thank you for help. :)
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    Try this out:

    1. Check to see if the browsers are blacklisted from accessing the internet via a 3rd party firewall that you may have installed (example: zonealarm, avast, AVG), etc.)
    2. Uninstall Chrome and Firefox, be sure to create backups of your bookmarks.
    3. Run Malwarbytes, your antiviral program, and CCleaner... let's ensure that you are not infected with crapware.
    4. After all the scans are completed. Install the latest Chrome and Firefox browsers... if you are using a 3rd party based firewall program, see if a notification appears to have the program blocked.

    Hope this helps.
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